8 months ago

5 Tips from Top Leaders to Revolutionize Your Business

While I can’t bring you onto Shark Tank, I have gathered together some of the best published

advice from five major global business leaders. From Richard Branson to Donald Trump,

consider this your personal business consu

10 months ago

9 Tough Truths About Being An Entrepreneur [Huffington Post]

Between working all hours of the day to carrying a heavy load of responsibilities, nine entrepreneurs reveal why being your own boss isn’t as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be.

  1. You’re Always Accountable
  2.

10 months ago

Why Small Businesses Are Getting LinkedIn Wrong [Wall Street Journal]

Here are tips on how small businesses can use LinkedIn.

Don’t use it for marketing. Smaller companies need to be strategic about where they invest their content-marketing budgets…..By all means, cross-post t read more...